Willow Creek Reborn
Willow Creek Reborn

As you can see from the image above, the Willow Creek residential population have all been removed. I even cleared them from the ‘Not in World’ population.
I have gone ahead and cleared all the base premade Sims so the other Worlds were also unpopulated, not just Willow Creek.

If you’ve noticed the map looks a bit different, it’s because it’s been modified and “reborn” from a Sims fan. You can get this map and many others for your different Worlds by visiting The Sims 4 Fanart Maps.

It’s time for our new Willow Creek founders, Adam and Eve Sims, to repopulate. I created these two Sims and named them Adam and Eve for my own shits and giggles. I get to play god and I’ll control one Sim while the other autonomously does their own thing. My main focus will be Adam and his Aspiration, but at times, I will need to change to Eve and do some godly actions for her and then Adam will autonomously do his thing.

Please enjoy following my gameplay and give any feedback you’d like to share. I’ll be asking for readers opinions and suggestions throughout.